With summer in full swing, people are spending time outside and showing off their gardening skills.

Have you ever walked past a well-kept, striped lawn and wished yours looked like that? Would you believe achieving that same perfection in your garden was actually quite easy and simple to do? Well, it is! There are only a couple of things to take into consideration, and a few simple steps to follow!

Abrey Agricultural Ltd. have put together this infographic to show you what to do. Use our guide to learn about why stripes appear in the grass when you mow in different directions, and what different types of lawn mowers you can use.

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If you live in or around Essex, UK and find yourself in need of a new lawn mower, we can help with a variety of top brand mowers available, or give advice as to what is the right product for you. Get your garden looking beautiful this summer!

Get The Perfect Lawn

Source: Abrey Agricultural