GetAwayGrey vs. Hair Dye [Infographic]

Each year, millions of people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on chemical dyes that conceal gray hair. But, is it really worth it, and at what cost to your health? Would you rather color your hair with chemicals that are then absorbed into your body, or use an all-natural solution that costs significantly less than hair dye? Even if you spend less money and color your hair at home, the gray hair always comes back and you are still allowing all of those artificial and harsh chemicals to enter your body. And, if you have ever dyed your hair at home, you know just how easy it is to do it incorrectly and not only get bad results but severely damage your hair.

GetAwayGrey’s super-vitamin contains catalase and other natural ingredients that help replenish catalase in the body so that hair can produce pigment, naturally. It is important to take care of our bodies, especially as we age. GetAwayGrey contains all-natural ingredients which minimizes the potential for side effects. That is incredibly different than hair dye which is full of chemicals and has many potential side effects. The many harsh and toxic chemicals in all hair dye are being studied and have been shown to potentially be cancer-causing. Most people would say they would rather have gray hair than cancer. But, with GetAwayGrey you do not have to choose, you can use a safe, all-natural product while eliminating and preventing gray hair growth. No more worrying that your gray roots are starting to show, or being embarrassed that you look much older than you actually are. Chemical dyes are just a temporary solution but GetAwayGrey solves the problem at the root of your hair.

With GetAwayGrey, your natural hair color will return so that you can look like yourself. With hectic and busy lives, GetAwayGrey allows you to simply take a pill each day, rather than trying to schedule hours of time for hair coloring appointments every few weeks. GetAwayGrey simplifies your hair color routine because it is as easy as taking a pill and allowing your own hair color to shine through. Start taking the best care of your body possible by avoiding expensive, chemical-filled hair dye and use an all-natural solution to reverse and prevent gray hair!
Infographic by: Get Away Grey
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