Have you ever wondered what types of vehicles are street-legal in your state or in neighboring states? Or maybe you’re wondering how your state’s vehicle laws stack up against the other states?

In the infographic below, we’ve gathered data on the state laws that define what you’re legally allowed to ride on the road. However, in doing this research, we found that the laws can be very complex even at a state level, with changeable restrictions depending on which municipality you’re in, the type of road you’re driving on, the type of vehicle, and even specs about the vehicle itself, such as maximum rpm.

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In the info below, we’ve compiled and streamlined information on what’s street-legal. Some of the results may seem obvious, such as Alaska not having vehicle noise limits. However, some results may surprise you, like North Dakota permitting fewer vehicle types.

To be clear, laws may change, and you should check with local authorities to make sure you are following the rules for your vehicle in your location.

What’s Street-Legal in which States?
What’s Street-Legal in which States? Created By: RealRoadRacing