In order to reduce risks when doing a residential re-roof, it is necessary to take certain precautions such as using ropes, harnesses, and most importantly setting anchor points. These anchor points when used along with harnesses are the most recommended precautions for residential re-roofing as they can reduce the risk of falls almost completely. One of the ways to secure anchor points is by simply tying a rope to an object like a tree, a car, or a lamppost that is located on the opposite side of the home from where the worker will attempt to work on the residential roof. This lets the object act as a provisional anchor point. These anchor points are used for residential re-roofing on metal roofs and are considered to be the easiest to install as the installation simply requires attaching the anchor points to the roof by using screws. These anchors consist of a group of tubes whose size and width can be freely adjusted. They are placed on doors and window frames and are purposely adjusted to have a wider size than the door or window frame in order to act as an anchor for workers. Anchor points can be an incredibly helpful thing to have during a residential re-roof if installed correctly, as the fall protection it provides for workers can help greatly to reduce accidents.

How To Install Anchor Points During A Residential Re-Roofing?

Source: Gus Roofing Greeley


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