Building envelope systems serve as the “skin” of every building. By definition, a building envelope separates the conditioned inside environment of the building and the outside environment. 

While the building envelope looks like a single layer, it is composed of several layers that ensure a consistent building envelope environment. When a building envelope functions properly, people won’t notice, but when they fail, they cause plenty of problems. 

How important are building envelopes and what happens when they fail? In this infographic, we discuss what building envelopes are, their basic functions and their importance as the skin of your building. Here we also discuss how building envelopes fail, what you can do to prevent costly envelope-related mishaps and how hiring a building consultant can help you maximize your savings.

How to Prevent 4 Building Envelope Fails and Save BIG!
How To Prevent 4 Building Envelope Fails and Save BIG!
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