Morbid obesity and obesity are serious medical issues which are extremely difficult to settle without the help of specialists. Undoubtedly, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are the most important factors in overcoming obesity, but sometimes a weight loss surgery is inevitable. The price for a weight loss surgery can exceed many people’s budget, but thanks to medical tourism, patients have a chance to undergo a surgery in other country and at a significantly lower cost.

Gastric sleeve surgery is considered to be one of the most effective bariatric surgeries, but patients always need to consider several factors before making the decision. Apart from issues related to the surgery itself, such as recovery time organisation or possible complications, patients have to take into consideration the cost of the procedure and make sure they can afford it. There is no one price for sleeve gastrectomy worldwide. The main factor that influences the price is location. Gastric sleeve cost varies from country to country, e.g. the average price for gastric sleeve in the US is 19 000 USD, yet ranging from about 19 000 USD in South Dakota to 58 000 USD in Alaska. The discrepancy between the costs stems from the number of obese people in a given region (the price is lower where there are many obese people).

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Prices of a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Various Countries