The living room comes next at 25% followed by the garage at 24%. Both these areas have places where the animals can hide and interbreed without being discovered. For example, if your living area is not tidy and things are cluttered all over, rodents will take advantage of the mess and hide in corners, inside the couches among other places. As for the garage, the fact that it is usually neglected and sometimes doubles up as the store makes it the perfect place for these bugs to create a home. There is little interference and the disorganization works well for them. They will collect food from elsewhere and come to eat from the garage.

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The bedroom and bathroom take the last two slots at 22% and 11% respectively. The main reason why they will even consider these places is if the rooms are dirty. Failure to arrange your room makes it easier for the animals to hide. With time, they will start feeding on your clothes, beddings and the filth found in bathrooms. Before you know it, your furniture will be chewed till it is no more.

The first step to getting rid of the creatures is to deny them food, eliminate their hiding and breeding grounds, tidy up every single room and allow light into the home. Once you close out on these areas, you can move on to other measures such as getting traps and poisonous baits. It would not take long before your home is rodent free. You could seek free consultation from specialists on the best course of action. Call or visit their web page today and interact with one of their experts. After all, they are more informed and experienced on the subject matter than you could ever be.

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How and Where Rodents Invade in Your House

Infographic by fumigation