The Anatomy of a Mobile Ad

The Anatomy of a Mobile Ad

Mobile ads now account for 70% of all digital advertising. They also account for 34% of total US ad spend surpassing TV as the leading advertising format. So what makes an ideal mobile ad?

Vertical Video – 90% of social media traffic is mobile – and people aren’t interested in turning their phones sideways.  

Thumb-Stopping Images – The average person thumbs through 300 feet of timeline a day. Add motion to your ads to stop thumbs from scrolling and increase engagement.

Frame for Mobile – You’ve been thinking left to right for all these years. You need to start thinking up and down instead. Ads may be created and approved on desktops/laptops, but they’re being consumed on mobile phones. Dominate the entire screen. Ideally for Facebook and Instagram you want to be designing creative in the square format (1:1) at a minimum and in the vertical format (4:5) for the best results. Design for Sound Off – You need to create ads that get the point across without sound. But, the more senses you are able to engage, the richer the experience. Design for sound off but delight with sound on.

The Anatomy of a Mobile Ad
Source: Abacus Agency

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