Wallpaper was always a common option for adding pattern, design & color to a wall, or for covering/hiding up weathered spots. Wallpaper shops in Hyderabad when trends in the ’90s moved toward faux finishes, glazing & sponging, wall paint came back into style. Nowadays wallpaper has come back with a bang. Wallpaper can rejuvenate your room, becoming the element that ties it all together. Paint and wainscoting are certainly one way to go, but if you check out new wallpaper designs, you will see that they aren’t the tired & dated looks of years gone by. Give yourself time selecting the right print, & wallpaper can do more for your room than a coat of paint. Below are a few tips for what to look for wallpaper. Many of the available textures are direct from nature, & even with their earthy palette, they add warmth & dimension to a room. Grass cloth is the most popular choices, ranging in price points from vinyl prints that look like grass cloth to a pricier version that’s made from the real thing.

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