1. Consistent NAP – The way your business Name, address, and phone no. is listed on your websites contact page, other business listing pages and within the Google Places page must be consistent and up to date.
  1.  NAP on Website – You will also need to list your business name address and phone number on your website contact us page as well as home page with schema mark-ups.
  1. Business Listings – Getting positioned high inside Google Places comes down to Google confirming that your business is genuine. It does this by determining where and how your business listed your business in local and global business listing sites.
  1. Reviews – You have to get everybody to review your Google local listing and other business listing pages.
  1. Embedded Google Map – It’s great practice to have your businesses Google Places listing embedded on your contact us page. This way Google can be sure you are situated at the address you have recorded by affirming that with your Places posting.
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You can also get the help of local business Directory in Melbourne to improve your business ranking.

Top 5 Ways to Improve your Google My Business & Google Map Ranking - Infographic