With a range of Stretching Exercises to enhance flexibility, confusion remains in identifying the type of stretching type one is performing. To break the ice, here is a précis segregation of types of stretching exercises.

Types of Stretching Exercise


Static Stretching

  •  This technique is performed by stretching the targeted muscle zone to maximal point and keeping is stationed for stipulated time.
  •  There are two subtypes of Static Stretching which are: Active (done with added force by performer) and Passive (added force exerted by another person).

Dynamic Stretching:

  •  It involves continuous movement of targeted muscles to maximal point, resembling sport exercises.
  •  Dynamic stretching enhances flexibility, even for certain sport activities, for example, strides done by a sprinter before race.
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Ballistic Stretching:

  •  To stretch an aimed group of muscles, a repeated bouncing movement is done.
  •  These exercises are suggested for athletic drills and should be done appropriately to avoid injuries.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS):

  •  This stretching involves repetitions, each of which exceeds previous resistance degree and every repetition is held for 2 seconds.
  •  It is similar to strength training as it is done in several sets of repetitions.

Self Myofascial Release:

  •  Aided technique done using foam roller or similar object, to relive tension and enhance ‘fascia’ and muscle flexibility.
  •  Done by performing repeated back and forth movement over and area for 30 to 60 seconds; pressure is applied according to tolerance of the person.
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PNF stretching:

  •  Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching is set of stretching used in clinical settings to improve active and passive range of motion.
  •  It is accredited as optimal stretching technique aimed at augmenting range of motion in short-lived alterations.

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