Do consumers in the US feel that brands are using COVID-19 as an excuse to spam their subscribers? Do people feel they are getting too much irrelevant coronavirus related email? This and other questions were answered in a recent consumer sentiment survey in relation to email marketing and the current crisis facing the worlds population and hitting the US harder than many. The first results are now in.

“Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed to thousands of Americans online over the weekend of the 15th-18th of March, there were over 500 who chose to respond. The survey has shown a clear divide in how email marketing efforts during the crisis have been perceived differently not just by the genders but by age as well.

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The overall results when not drilling down by age, region or sex make a winner too close to call. This infographic highlights some of the surveys most interesting findings.

US Consumer Sentiment Survey in Respect of Coronavirus Email Messaging

Source: Email Expert