For ages, onion is part of our diet. It’s medicinal purposes and skin care benefits are discussed and logged by many. Apart from its generic medicinal properties, onion is quite effective in hair care and hair growth. Onion along with many other minerals, consists of sulfur and quercetin.

Sulfur is responsible for increased metabolism on hair scalp, increases blood flow near roots and hair scalp and hence increases hair growth. This in extension helps in fighting hair loss, baldness and hair thinning.

Quercetin has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is effective in fighting pollution, dust and toxins around us.

With right hair mask (mask with lemon juice or olive oil or henna etc), one can get the most out of onion. Onion along with Henna works best for reversing greying of hair, it helps in restoring natural hair color.

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When mixed with lemon juice, it effectively fights against scalp itching and dandruff. You just need to repeat the process few times to see good results. Onion juice when mixed with olive oil and applied directly on scalp, makes hair roots stronger. It also makes hair soft, shiny and smooth.

Onion juice for hair care is proven fact via several clinical trials and tests. Despite it’s pungent smell (there are ways to reduce the smell), give it  a try and see the difference. Onion juice hair treatment can be considered one of the best natural hair remedy for hair re-growth.

Use of Onion Juice and Extract in Hair Care to Fight Baldness and Hair Re-growth