When To Hire A Water Damage Company

Water damage can happen to any home. In fact, 37% of homeowners will claim losses on their homeowner’s insurance due to water damage. That means 1 in 4 homes will experience some type of property damage due to water. With a staggering 98% of basements that will experience a problem at some point. Statistically speaking, water damage is the 2nd highest reason for insurance claims by a homeowner.

Water Everywhere?

14,000 Homes Are Affected By Water Damage Daily!

Causes of Water Damage
While some of the reasons for water damage are preventable, many are not.

Burst Pipes
No matter their location, a burst pipe, when not fixed quickly, can rapidly fill your home with water. Older pipes are a common culprit.

Overflowing Toilets/Tubs
When a sewer line backs up the result, your water won’t be going down the drain. Overflowing fixtures like the toilet and tub can affect the tile, laminate, and drywall.

Weather Conditions
Heavy rain or storms can quickly build up water both inside and outside your home. Basements are the number one area of the house to see damage from heavy weather conditions. A significant concern is foundation issues that can result.

To put a fire out, you need water. Unfortunately, water can be just as destructive. It’s essential to have the water removed after a fire has been put out, and fast.

Faulty Water Heater
A broken or leaking water heater will have water start to pool. Whether you have the water heater in a closet or the basement, it will slowly leak causing a great deal of damage to flooring and drywall.

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It only takes a mere 1 inch of water to damage your home.

Within 24 hours, mold can begin growing. So, Act Fast!

When You Notice Water Where It Shouldn’t Be What Should You Do?

  • Shut Off The Water
  • Move Any Belongs To Dry Areas
  • Take Pictures of Damage
  • File a Clain With Your Insurance Company
  • Call a Water Damage Restoration Specialist