How interesting it would be when you always have someone to manage your Wifi Issues, Cleaning, Pantry, Security, Parking Space in an office. All you need is to focus on your baby startup.

If you also think like this, then you should try coworking Space. A community of like-minded people working in a shared space with a fully-equipped facility bringing ideas to reality.

What is Coworking

Wikipedia defines a coworking space as an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.”

What Is Coworking Space: Everything You Need To Know

Why Select A Coworking Space?

There are many reasons why you should opt for a coworking space instead of going for a traditional office space. Apart from the obvious cost reasons, once you rent a coworking space, you will also find out that there are many other advantages to sharing an office space with others.

Here are some of the most common advantages of opting a coworking space over a traditional office.

Flexibility Over Job

You do not have to stick to one job when you are working in a coworking space. You can coordinate with the people around you and get new projects in your industry. This gives you a lot of opportunities to grow in your industry and the freelance projects that you get will help you learn more about what is new in your field.

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Networking Opportunities

When you work closely with a bunch of people from different careers, you get a golden opportunity to connect with them and form a strong network. This is opposed to a traditional office space where you will be working with the people that you already know or the ones that you have hired.

Prime Location For Clients

Most of the coworking spaces are built near landmarks or in places that are easily accessible. This comes in quite handy when you are having some clients visit you. They form the impression of a serene place in a prime location as well as have an easy commute to your workplace.

Increased Productivity

Since everyone around you will be constantly working on something or the other, you will get the proper motivation to work. This will increase your productivity and will also increase your efficiency when you are working more hours than usual.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

There are various types of people who use a coworking space. There are the usual freelancers and startups but there are also many large corporations who rent out multiple desks in coworking spaces.

  • Freelancers: People unassociated with any one company are the main users of coworking spaces. They love the freedom of choosing their own timings and also love the fact that they can get access to a network of professionals all under one roof. The low rent for a desk also helps the freelancers. They get an office address for themselves without renting out a huge space.
  • Start-ups: One of the things that the startups love about the coworking offices is the flexibility. Since these spaces do not have long term leases like the traditional offices, they are the perfect setup for the startups. Since there are a lot of people from different areas of expertise working together, the people behind the startups find it easier to find a co-founder for their ventures. They can also make use of the services provided by the freelancers working in the shared office space.
  • Large Corporations: There are many large companies that are adopting the coworking culture. It gives them a chance to rent out spaces for their employees at almost the same cost without the headache of administrative responsibilities. Companies like KPMG, General Electric, and Merck are all using coworking spaces for their daily operations. They also love the fact that they do not have to commit to long term leases and can simply go about their business, expanding and reducing the number of desks they require as per need.
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Usual Amenities Provided By Coworking Spaces

There are some things that are common between all coworking spaces as far as the amenities go.

These include a high-speed WiFi service, cafeteria providing tea, coffee, and snacks, meeting halls and conference rooms, parking spaces, printers, scanners, copiers, projectors, and lockers. There are some co-working spaces that also provide security, housekeeping, and reception as an added bonus.

When you are looking for the coworking space you require, you should take into consideration all the above facilities and then compare them to each other. If you are considering shared office space, it means that your budget for office space is low and you have to compare the cost per desk as well. Make a decision only after a comprehensive search so that you do not regret your decision later on.