Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Have you ever paused to think about where the beautiful photos you see on social media were posted from? According to a study by an iPhone trade-in site, BankMyCell, the person could have been doing his restroom business when posting the pictures. BankMyCell surveyed 2114 people across the U.S. between June and August 2018, in a bid to find out how far people can go just to stay connected.

The US gadget recycler found that more Android users, at 88%, take their phones to the toilet than iPhone owners, at 76%. This habit is more prevalent among the youthful smartphone users. The survey revealed that over 90% of Generation Z and Generation Y have to use their smartphone when nature calls.

Generation X smartphone users follow closely at 82% while Silent Generation users trail the rest at 11%. According to Generation Y and Generation Z, smartphone apps are essential for toilet time. When it comes to gender, men seem to be the most addicted to smartphones.

Namely, 80% of men bring their phone to the toilet, compared to 69% of women. According to the iPhone trade-in site, people in Georgia, New York, California, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, are the most affected by the craze of using phones in the toilet.

People use their phones in different ways while seated on the porcelain throne. While most people use their social media apps, others while away the restroom time by texting, playing music, playing games, or watching videos.

Some people even carry their work to the toilet, and 37% of women have confessed that they use the bathroom time to post pictures on social media.

While about 75% of Americans use their phones while in the bathroom, this habit is not without some risks. Some people have confessed to having dropped their phones down in the toilet. There’s also the risk of contracting diseases as only about 16% remember to clean their phones after using it in the toilet.

Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Infographic by BankMyCell

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