20 Wedding Flowers for the Best Bridal Bouquets

20 Wedding Flowers for the Best Bridal Bouquets

The iconic bridal bouquet first came into fashion in Ancient Greece. A tasteful sprig of flowers symbolized the bride’s fertility and signaled a new start for the newlyweds. As a result, countless brides have taken lush arrangements of flowers with them down the aisle ever since. It’s even a little difficult to imagine a wedding with an empty-handed bride.

Nowadays, the bridal bouquet is upheld as a key styling detail at weddings all over the world. The right bouquet should capture the bride’s personality while reflecting the wedding theme. It has to go perfectly with your hand-picked wedding gown, too. Oh, and it’ll probably be the basis for your bridesmaids’ accessories. You can’t settle for just any kind of flower for your bridal bouquet!

Curious about what flowers to start with? Or do you have a flower in mind, but have no idea what other blooms will match it best? This infographic might be just what you’re looking for. Check out this list of 20 popular bridal bouquet flowers for you to choose from, together with a surprising entry that isn’t exactly a flower itself. You can also read up about common flower pairings, as well as a few tips to get the best bridal bouquet.

Wedding Flowers for the Best Bridal Bouquets

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