TripAdvisor reveals the winners of Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014

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The world’s leading travel site, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its sixth annual Travellers’ Choice awards; honouring close to 500 destinations which secured top spots in the world’s top destination list as well as in individual lists catered specifically for Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Canada, the U.K, the U.S, and so on.

Travellers’ Choice Awards are ranked based on the millions of reviews and opinions posted by TripAdvisor travellers and taking into consideration the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for attractions, hotels and restaurants in destinations around the globe for a period of 12 months.

Stated below are the Top 10 destinations which made it to the Travellers’ Choice World Destination List, 2014:

  1. Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul sky-rocketed 11 spots higher from its rank on the previous year’s list to the No.1 spot, this year. A holiday here is all about the gorgeous mosques, the grand bazaars filled with thousands of shops to browse through, the Turkish baths and the absolutely breath-taking architecture.

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2. Rome, Italy

Rome jumped two spots from previous year’s list and takes the No.2 this year. Rome should certainly be on each and every traveller’s bucket list – the city is filled with giant halls of outdoor museums, piazzas, bustling open-air markets and impressive historic sites. Most importantly, taste the cappuccino and indulge in a plate of authentic pasta – Delicious as ever!
3. London, England

London maintains its No.3 spot from the previous year. This highly-developed city is where history meets fashion, art, food and of course good British ale. A holiday in London is a mix of everything and caters to all kinds of leisure seekers – music, food, culture, museums and nightlife.
4. Beijing, China

Beijing pushed itself 17 spots higher to the No.4 rank on the global list. Beijing boasts a wealth of history – from ancient monuments to the modern architectural buildings. The city also offers diverse sightseeing activities from gorgeous temples, magnificent palaces and of course the incredible Great Wall of China.
5. Prague, Czech Republic

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The beautiful city of Prague of Czech Republic has successfully climbed four steps higher to grab the No.5 spot on the list this year. This fascinating capital is filled with incredible cathedrals, historic towers, glittering canals spiced up with an energetic culture, art and music scene.
6. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech jumps 13 spots from last year. This city that belongs to Morocco will take you on an exciting journey through the bustling streets filled with donkey carts, street vendors, snake charmers and story-tellers. Marrakech is all about the colours, sounds and unique aroma!
7. Paris, France

Paris took a tumble down by six spots from previous year but still holding a prestigious place in the top 10. This city of romance does not need any explanation. Paris is just simply beautiful and provides a unique feel with a mix of leisure, liveliness and love.
8. Hanoi, Vietnam

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A new but worthwhile addition to the Top 25, ranked at 8 this year is this charming Vietnamese capital. Hanoi is home to lovely lakes, parks, boulevards, monuments, colonial architecture, and over 600 uniquely built temples and pagodas.
9. Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap jumped 13 spots higher from previous year. This unique city of Cambodia appears to be most popular and major tourist hub in the country. Siem Reap offers diverse range of touristic offerings including the Angkor temples. A safe, friendly and pleasant town to experience a unique holiday!

10. Shanghai, China

Safely securing Spot No.10 – after a 13 spot-jump from previous year; the largest and the most cosmopolitan city of China has impressed tourists offering a unique sense of experience to holiday in the past, present and future, all at the same time.