Real talk: who hasn’t imagined themselves as a budding master chef when they watch cooking shows on TV, or when they successfully make a dish they haven’t attempted before? And who hasn’t been heartbroken realising their cooking skills are nowhere close to what can be considered pro?

The road to being a professional cook isn’t easy. After all, these people who you look up to when it comes to the culinary arts have poured their heart and soul into whipping up amazing dishes and knowing every kind of ingredient that should be used. These are people who have mastered their craft through hours of trial-and-error and have made cooking their life passion.

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But just because you’re an aspiring chef at home doesn’t mean you can’t be a master chef someday! Being a culinary master begins with the basics, so make sure you spend time learning and experimenting in your kitchen. Yes, that means learning how to make the perfect eggs for breakfast or grilling a steak- you have to start somewhere, just like in every endeavour; no master chef was born with the ability and knowledge to produce Michelin-star worthy meals right away.

You will also have to learn more about your seasonings- what they are and how they can help enhance the taste and quality of your dish. A lot of people underestimate the power of sprinkling a little more salt or pepper to their food or forget what a game-changer dried herbs can be.

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Excellent cooking not only relies on skill and creativity but also the quality of your tools and appliances. You will want to invest in high-quality knives and premium range cookers, for example.

So what else do you need to know to cook like a master chef? This infographic offers five fantastic tips and tricks that you can use to create culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen!

5 Useful Tips on How to Cook Like a Master Chef