Are you bothered by the prying eyes of your neighbours?

If you’re living in a real estate community, it’s most likely that your home is within a neighbourhood whose properties are squeezed together to make room for another development. It’s particularly evident that plots today are closer than ever, and it’s not surprising that many homeowners are investing on ways to conceal their backyards in an aesthetic way.

For an effective solution that offers both confidentiality and aesthetic appeal, a privacy screen can be your best option. They provide the benefits of having a wall constructed in your residential area, but still allowing the air and sunlight to pass through. Further, with many options to choose from, you are sure to find one that will fit the look you want to achieve.

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In this infographic, House of Bamboo lists 8 of the best outdoor privacy screens from its published 2-part article series, tol help find the ideal solution for you.

8 Privacy Screen Solutions to Keep Your Home Hidden from Thy Neighbour