BRANOO.COM is one of the best e-commerce and online shopping website in Bangladesh. Branoo launched in September 2014 and soon it became one of the most popular online shopping site in Bangladesh for for genuine and original products and its services. We have made an inforgraph to help you to understand about some statistics of Bangladeshi people, there web browsing nature, category and activities with Branoo.

  • Total 64% of visitors are Women, where 20% of them comes from Facebook
  • Total 36% of visitors are men, where 20% of them comes from Facebook
  • Branoo has 56.9% Returning visitors and 43.1% new visitors
  • In Bangladesh 24.86% people visit branoo from desktop and 71.38% people visit from mobile
  • Popular categories in terms of visitors are women dress, Men watches, Men perfume, Tangil Saree and Jamdani Saree
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Here’s the infographic for your reading pleasure:

An Infograph of a Bangladeshi E-Commerce Website