Best Winter and Sun Holiday Destinations

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It is this time of the year where all of us are waiting to explore new things in life and to experience a memorable vacation. Travellers are already surfing several travel sites and continuously speaking to their travel agents to book the most exciting holiday this season. Before you do so, it would be wise to find out which holiday destinations are ideal for travel and when it is best to visit. It is always a good thing to plan ahead and avoid disappointment. Thus, the attractive infographics on the best winter and sun holiday destinations goes a step ahead to make things easier for you, by providing an overview of the most exciting holiday destinations this season as well as the ideal months to travel for these destinations.

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South Africa is an amazing country filled with ample wildlife, lush sceneries and thrilling adventures. It definitely is one of the ideal destinations for travel this season as you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, sip on some world-class wines and indulge in some of the delicious food. The best time to travel to South Africa would be between the months of November and March.

Unique and magnificent is this beautiful archipelago of Bermuda. A short flight from the UK can shift you to a whole new atmosphere of Bermuda especially during this season. The months of October-March would be the ideal time to travel to this land of pink beaches.

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You could also enjoy a trip in the incredible islands of Thailand during this season. The turquoise clear waters, the white sands, beautiful palm trees, killer seafood, snorkeling, diving and the list goes on with regards to what you can see and do this holiday in Thailand. Best time to travel would be between the months of November and March. Similarly, Australia is also the place to be during these months as it is the Australian summer and perfect for an enjoyable vacation. Highlights include the beautiful beaches, the Melbourne dining experiences, the Sydney city life, kangaroos and the largely uninhabited areas of land in the north-west.

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Next on the list would be Cambodia and Egypt. Cambodia – famous for its unique jungle temples, perfect beaches, traditions and culture, is ideal for travel between the months of November and April. Egypt – a destination loved by many travellers is ideal for travel between the months of October and December.

Pick the favourite country you want to visit and make this season a memorable one!