The Importance of Maintenance

Why Is Preventable Maintenance So Important?

Keeping your BMW running like it should not only offers a more reliable vehicle, but one that you can feel good knowing will last for a long time. Check out a few of these other benefits to having preventable maintenance done.

Maintain Performance
With regular maintenance, you can keep your BMW running like new. Without proper service, you could decrease performance such as horsepower losses as well as have poor fuel economy.

Extend The Life Of Your Engine
Regular oil changes are at the heart of every routine maintenance plan. If you were only to do one service, frequent oil changes are the most important to ensuring your BMW’s engine runs as it should, for many miles to come.

Stay In Warranty

Not having scheduled maintenance can void your warranty. If something were to go wrong with your vehicle, the manufacturer might not cover the expense, if the proper maintenance wasn’t performed.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Taking care of smaller issues can prevent larger ones from occurring. Don’t take chances, have your vehicle looked at regularly to ensure any problems that may be happening are addressed and resolved quickly.

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Components of Routine Maintenance

Oil Changes
Depending on what your manufacturer recommends. Also, follow these specifications to ensure the longevity of the engine. Consider using full synthetic oil for optimal performance.

Rotate tires with every oil change. Don’t wait until tires are bald to replace them, and have them inspected at each visit to your automotive shop.

Timing and Serpentine Belt
Every 40,000 to 60,000 miles these belts should be changed. A timing belt on an interference engine could spell disaster if it breaks, play it safe and have it replaced according to the BMW recommendations.

Air Filters

The air filter is what stops debris from entering the engine, and allows for airflow for better performance. Replace these every 30,000 miles to ensure you are getting the best MPG for your BMW.

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