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How to Create Engaging Presentations

The biggest concern presentation designers constantly need to overcome is creating something that is both educational and entertaining – a difficult balancing act to perform while still delivering the message! Keeping the audience engaged throughout the duration of the talk, be it for conference presentations or sales deck pitches, is an ongoing challenge no matter how experienced you may be, as audience expectations are always changing.

So how can you keep them focused on the subject to create a memorable presentation that will stay with them long after it has ended? A lot of this is based on the design, and how you utilize great design to keep your audience hooked on your presentation. Presentation design is often an oversight when it comes to not only conferences but almost all presentations, while most companies place the importance on the person delivering the presentation instead. But yet, without a PowerPoint that follows and supports what they say, it’s likely all of the script writing and hours put into practicing will be wasted as your audience drift into a gaze thanks to boring graphics and poor colour choices. This infographic explores some of the most important things to use while designing a conference presentation.

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Infographic by Presentation Experts


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