This is the era of fast cars. Everyone is seeking and searching for such a car that fulfills the specifications of a super car. In the past, if we needed to choose a specific feature, we have to buy a specific car, or even a specific model because there is no versatility available in cars. Like fast cars are specified, and when it was fast, it was rare to be economical. But the things are changed now. The automakers worldwide, that’s why, are focusing to manufacture the fastest cars with dynamic features. German automakers are leading from the front to manufacture fast cars. BMW is on the top. Normally, the automakers make one or two fast cars and yearly, they launch its new model. But, BMW is the one that is producing a line of the world’s fastest cars.  From BMW X5 to BMW M5, there is a list of fastest cars, not only top in BMW family, but also ahead from its rivals. Featuring powerful BMW engines, dynamic horsepower, speedy gearbox and excellent torque, this infographic enlists Top 5 fastest BMW cars.

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The Quickest 5 BMW Cars Of 2017