Relaxing Massage with Hot Stones

Relaxing Massage with Hot Stones

Relaxing back massage
Column is the main axis of the body and continuously is subjected to high stresses which affect our muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Feel the relaxation and tranquility from your body and mind with a back rub you taken away the stresses of your routine.

Relaxing full body massage

If you want to give a gift to your body, we recommend this relaxing massage for back, legs, neck and head to make you forget your worries and stress left far behind. Different techniques drainage, circulation, firming and relaxing are used to achieve a complete state of wellness of mind and body.

Relaxing massage with hot stones

Recovers lost energy your body with this hot stone massage or hot stone massage. The heat from the stones applied to your body will facilitate muscle relaxation, concentrating the heat transmitted as most stressed areas of the body present. In the massage with hot volcanic stones, able to keep the heat longer used. Moreover, when applied Massage in Dubai with stones and not directly with your hands, allowing greater pressure on our bodies.

If you want to get a massage in which immediately notice its relaxing effects while you discover a new form of massage without the Traditional exclusive use of the hands, we assure you the hot stone massage or hot stone massage not disappoint.

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