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Why Do You Need Pest Services

Pests in Chico area

Spiders – Some species of spiders are venomous and they even bite you to suck blood.

Ants – Colonize quickly and can invade your kitchen supplies and food.

Roaches – Multiplies quickly and control is difficult.

Pigeons – Defaces your building. It is illegal to shoot pigeons, or for that matter, any nesting bird.

Ground squirrels – Eats your landscape.

Why Do You Need Pest Services

How to eliminate them?

Spiders – Eliminate their food source and reduce cobwebs in and around your home.

Ants – We not just eliminate the foraging ants, but also their colonies including the queen ant.

Roaches – We use an innovative technology called Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). In this technology, we ensure that cockroaches do not reach the reproductive stage at all, so it not only controls the infestation, but also eliminates it completely.

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Pigeons – We use repellents that make it inconvenient for pigeons to perch and deface your property.

Ground squirrels – We eliminate food source completely and use repellants if needed.

Who are we?

  • One of the most reputed pest control companies in the Chico area
  • We use only organic and natural repellants to provide the highest possible safety and health for your family.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable about the pests in Chico area
  • Affordable and best value for your money
  • Pet and kid friendly

Reach out to us today! Call: 530 342 3050

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