Birch trees are loved for their graceful foliage and attractive bark characteristics. You need to take the necessary measures to keep them healthy. Besides selecting the right site, watering, mulching, and fertilizing, you are expected to prune birch trees regularly.

Why pruning birch tree is important?

  1. It encourages the growth of a tree.
  2. It helps in treatment of diseases.
  3. You can avoid accidents and incidents by cutting overgrown branches.
  4. You can have a better view of your surroundings.
  5. It makes your compound look good.
  6. It allows for comfortable use of shade.

There are four ways of pruning:

  1. Crown Thinning
  2. Crown Reduction
  3. Crown Raising
  4. Crown Cleaning
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Regular and correct pruning can make birch tree attractive and healthy. If you find any disease or not not sure what to do in critical situations it is important to consult a professional tree surgeon. Fortunately, Valiant Arborist the leading tree surgeon in Essex is here to help.

How and When to Prune Birch Trees