Determine The Proper LED Grow Light Hang Height

Every environment is going to bring a number of challenges when trying to create the best lighting plan. If you have low ceilings and small crop canopies, you may experience improper consistency. This lack of consistency is what is known in horticultural circles as “hotspots”.

Whereas a high ceiling is going to bring the opposite effect as much of the lighting will be lost into the walls and aisles, creating an effect known as the “edge effect.” Many growers are all well too versed in edge effect due to crops on the edge of the canopy growing inferior to other crops and plants.

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Choosing the best distance between the grow lights and plants is never going to be a one size fits all scenario. The best thing you can do is contact your LED grow light company and ask for recommendations.

If you are working with a small canopy, we would recommend that you reduce the overall light spacing in the above calculation by about 15%. This should be enough to reduce an edge effect due to the fact that there is now a higher ratio of wall and floor space to the plant canopy.

How To Properly Hang Your LED Grow Lights For Optimal Results

Source: This infographic