No Access To Safe Drinking Water And Sanitation?

This piece will show some pretty shocking stats on how some human beings are expected to live, not only without access to food and a living wage, but access to safe drinking water and a place to go to the toilet and wash themselves. It is hard to think that as we approach 2015 people across the globe have little of no access to these basic human needs. Harder still to consider that the more industrial areas around them have much higher standards of living while these rural areas are left to rot. Half a billion people still go without clean water when most of us waste more than we use daily. The issues in many Indian slums facing young woman’s safety come down to inadequate toilet facilities meaning that young girls run the risk of rape, kidnap and murder just going to urinate. I hope that this graph shows just how bad it is and how bad it could still get.

access to safe drinking water in 2014
Source: back2bath

Author: katyc

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