Did you know that 34 percent to 56% of scoliosis patients have difficulty with relationships? Self-esteem and body issues are just two of the contributing factors to this issue. Though the physical effects of scoliosis have been greatly documented and discussed, the emotional and psychological story behind the physical challenges has not.

If you have a teenager living with scoliosis you need to learn more about what they’re feeling and thinking. Why? Because 25 to 43 percent of teens with scoliosis feel isolated or depresses. Plus, they spend less time dating and enjoying recreational activities. Body image, among other things, affects emotional health. At this fragile age, the stress can be even worse. Substance abuse and thoughts of suicide are just two of the many issues that plague those with scoliosis.

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Living with Scoliosis Infographic

Living with Scoliosis Infographic created by Treating Scoliosis (ScoliSMART)